Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Dog is my Training Partner

Today is my dog Harrah's 4th birthday. So we started out the day like we usually do, with a nice walk. When I first started on my journey towards living a more healthy and happy life, I knew that in order to grow and move in the right direction it was absolutely necessary that I include my dog. I didn't realize it at the time but she would quickly become a great training partner. Not only does she like to go on long walks, she loves running, hiking, and going on new adventures. It doesn't matter if it's 2:00am or 2:00pm she's always ready to exercise. I believe that if you invest in the health of your dog, your dog will become an investment in your health. And she has. Everyday she's a source of  inspiration that helps keep me motivated. Part of what makes us a great team is that she has been properly trained and she knows her role in the family. I owe a big shout out to Cesar Millan, aka The Dog Whisperer for helping me become more aware of how my furry friends mind works. I highly recommend, even if you don't  have a dog, that you watch one of his dvd's, or read one of his books. The psychology behind his work is sure to open your mind to how we communicate with our pets.

My Favorite Gear For 
Working Out With My Dog


  1. dogs are so awesome. there is no way I could get my cat to exercise at 2 am.

  2. You could probably get the cat to exercise but I don't think waiving around a feather will do much for you.