Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healthy & Easy Raw Food Recipe! Raw Thai Peanut Kelp Noodles

Dara Dubinet is a raw food chef with a YouTube channel and blog chock-full of good information and delicious recipes, most of which are extremely easy and cost effective.

Dara freestyles this recipe so there are no exact measurements. Refer to video for further instruction.

Ingredients List:

Kelp noodles 
Lemon Juice
Raw jungle peanuts
Choose one sweetener: Honey/Dates/Agave/Maple syrup
Nama Shoyu
Onion Powder
Habanero Pepper
Salad Greens
Mung Beans

Soften Kelp noodles by adding lemon juice and salt.

Sauce: Raw jungle peanuts soaked for four hours, (choose 1 sweetener) honey/dates/agave/maple syrup, nama shoyu, ginger, garlic, onion powder, habanero pepper.

Mix kelp noodles with salad greens, cilantro, scallions and mung beans and sauce.

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